RATIONES RERUM 20: Articolo Leopoldo Gamberale


Dante, il vangelo di Luca e la forza di un refuso

Anno edizione: 2022
Formato 17×24 – pp. XXIX-XLI
ISBN 9788899846916 – ISSN 2284-2497
Prezzo: € 8,00

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Rationes Rerum 20

Dante, il vangelo di Luca e la forza di un refuso

In Purgatory, Canto XXI, Dante Alighieri, starting with a short simile, recalls an episode from the Gospel of Luke (24:13-32). At the beginning of the Canto, the appearance of Statius recalls that of Jesus to the disciples at Emmaus, but in the end it is Virgil who again assumes the role of teacher and guide – both poetic and spiritual – of the two poets on the way up to the Earthly Paradise. A textual appendix concerning Purg. 21, 9 shows the negative effects of a typo in the 1967 Petrocchi edition, since several authoritative commentaries and widespread editions, after more than fifty years, still offer an erroneous text.