RATIONES RERUM 20: Articolo Cinzia Bearzot


L’Alcibiade di Teofrasto

Anno edizione: 2022
Formato 17×24 – pp. 1-14
ISBN 9788899846916 – ISSN 2284-2497
Prezzo: € 8,00

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Rationes Rerum 20

L’Alcibiade di Teofrasto

Three fragments of Theophrastus are devoted to Alcibiades’ oratory, to his agreement with Phaeax on the occasion of the ostracism of Hyperbolus, and to his exceptional but embarrassing personality. They testify to Theophrastus’ interest in fifth-century political and institutional history and to the fascination exercised by a controversial protagonist in Athenian political life such as Alcibiades.