RATIONES RERUM 21: Articolo Roberto Sammartano


Diodoro Siculo e le identità etniche dei Sicani e dei Siculi

Anno edizione: 2023
Formato 17×24 – pp. 45-73
ISBN 9791281673007 – ISSN 2284-2497
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Rationes Rerum 21

Diodoro Siculo e le identità etniche dei Sicani e dei Siculi

In his short account about the origins of Sicanians and Sicels, Diodoros focuses on the process leading to the modification of the identity traits of these populations, from language to their education system which progressively became Greek; they eventually lost their previous ethnonyms. This picture can be hardly ascribed to the sources employed by Diodoros for the account of the so-called “Sicilian Archaeolog y” in the first chapters of Book V (especially Timaeus); instead, it should be read in the light of changes occurring after Roman conquest of Sicily. For the gradual changing of identity traits of Sicanians and Sicels, up to a redefinition of these peoples as Siceliotes (that is, Greeks), seems to be connected to a sort of reaction and response to Rome and its ideology. Romans enhanced fictious ethnic kinships (such as that connecting the Elymians to the refugees from the Trojan War), and in so doing they tried to include non-Hellenic peoples of Sicily within Roman cultural heritage.